Pickin' Stick - Building a Stringed Instrument

In 2010 John had his first book published titled “Pickin’ Stick: Building a Stringed Instrument by Shiffer Books.

The pickin’ stick is an easy-to-play, steel-stringed instrument and is also the perfect first instrument for aspiring luthiers. This illustrated woodworking guide will take you step-by-step as you build, string, tune, and play your own pickin’ stick. From choosing materials to precision woodworking skills, you will learn the ins and outs of building wooden instruments.

Complete with charts, diagrams, and tips for placing frets and tuning your instrument. The pickin' stick is easy to build and can be completed as a weekend project. This book will expose you to the fundamentals of stringed instrument building such as building a sound box, fretting a fingerboard, installing an instrument nut and saddle, installing tuners, an stringing an instrument.

This book will welcome you to the world of stringed instrument building and encourage you to get ready to create sound memories that will last a lifetime. Pickin' Stick - Building a Stringed Instrument by John Ressler is published by Schiffer Books.

John's book "Pickin' Stick" can be purchase at Amazon.com

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